Sunrise to sunset: 13 hours of awe on Florida’s Palm Beach

Good morning! The sun rises over Palm Beach this time of year around 7 in the morning and, if you can get out of bed for it, offers a beautiful way to start the day. You can take in the view from your oceanfront room, or immerse yourself in the scene by taking a dip in the Atlantic.

And no worries about chills: the average water temperature in August is 86 degrees.

The summer sun doesn’t set until 8 o’clock in south Florida, so there are 13 hours of amazing views to absorb before nightfall.

Here’s a glimpse of a summer day on Palm Beach, from Tideline Ocean Resort & Spa:

A new day dawns at Tideline

After enjoying breakfast out on the oceanfront terrace, you can get pampered at the spa or play a round of golf on one of the area’s many great courses. Then lounge beneath the Florida palms on the beach…

…or by the pool.

Have a drink from the poolside bar…

…and relax the day away into the night.

Have dinner in either of Tideline’s two oceanfront restaurants, cozy into bed and let the surf lull you to sleep, then do it all again tomorrow!

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